Salsamante Dance Academy

Teaching Columbus to Salsa

Dance Lessons

All group classes rotate the men in a circle format, so everyone dances with everyone in the class. The beginner classes are designed for absolute beginners.  No one is born knowing how to dance, and anyone can learn more…and we mean ANYONE at ANY AGE. Our promise is that we can teach anyone to gain positive results, no exceptions! We will be your training wheels as you build confidence and skill. Not only are you going to have a blast as your learn more, your ultimate reward will be a lifelong skill and hobby that will enrich your social life and well being. That’s our personal promise and commitment to you!!!

The triangle of success for learning how to Dance:
1. Group Classes
2. Private Lessons
3. Attending salsa parties such as Latin City Wednesdays after the group lesson

Private lessons
55 minutes
We offer private lessons to individuals and couples by an appointment basis Monday-Sunday, 9am-9pm. 
To get started on your journey to learning the Salsa, call us today! 614-316-8818

Group Classes

We offer a full range of levels and group classes.

The Salsa……a joyful feeling, a celebration, an escape from your daily routine!
The Bachata….drift away in your partners soft embrace with the dance of love and romance.
The Merengue….cut loose, join the party, grab a partner, let’s dance!
The Cha Cha Cha….flirt, play, go for a ride!