Salsamante Dance Academy

Teaching Columbus to Salsa


Welcome to the Salsamante Dance Academy, the ONE, the ONLY, the FIRST ever Salsa dance studio in Columbus!

We are partners with Just Dance Ohio and proud to be the FIRST and ONLY Salsa Dance Academy in Columbus, Ohio. We offer daily group classes, private lessons, and weekly parties. This IS the place to be for anyone who wants to have fun and learn some salsa dancing along the way! You won’t find this environment anywhere else but right here!  Please click the Calendar tab for a schedule of events and group classes.

“OUR MISSION” Is to build and grow the Salsa scene in Columbus through our energy and joy.

“We are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for (and more!) at the Salsamante Dance Academy. Our goal is to give you the confidence and skills to dance the Salsa anywhere, anytime, and with anyone!”


Carlos Rubio
Proud founder of the Salsamante Dance Academy!






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